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Re: USAA rewards credit cards now available to all members

pNa wrote:

DI wrote:

I now have the option to apply for a card online too. Too bad I cannot afford to app for another card right now.


What is the attraction of these USAA cards? With effectively less than 1% back, and even that only once a year in January, I suspect there must be something else than rewards drawing you in. Is it the reputation for being hard to get, the great looks, or what? Just curious... 

The possibility of very high CL's, and unmatched CS.

I'm hoping they'll start goosing their rewards a tiny bit. They're nervous about PenFed, according to a USAA CSR I spoke to a while back.

Although their debit cards give 1/2 point back! That's pretty unusual. Smiley Very Happy
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