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Re: USAA rewards credit cards now available to all members

idmd wrote:

Slightly off topic…..


I keep hearing about full membership vs limited membership and just want clarification.


My wife became a USAA member through her father who was an officer in the Army. I in-turn became a member through my wife about 8 years ago. In terms of full vs limited membership I do all of the communicating with USAA, I've always been the one to call and setup our home owners insurance, umbrella insurance (which is just for me), auto insurance, three auto loans that are only in my name, USAA Mastercard and Amex which are in my name with my wife as an AU. They've never asked for anything from wife.


What would be my membership classification? If I'm a limited member then I don't see the downside to limited membership. I think the only difference I notice between my father-in-law and myself is even though I have more products from USAA his dividend check is larger since his insurance is handled through the "Insurance Exchange" part of USAA.  



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Your wife is a ful member as the child of a full member.


You are a full member as the spouse of a full member.


Full membership comes through military service or being the spouse or child of someone who is a full member.




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