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Re: USAA rewards credit cards now available to all members

pNa wrote:
DI, hauling, thanks. I was sort of hoping for precisely these types of answers, as shows in what I posted in the thread on RJ rejections. I am considering a complete switch of all low-reward (1%) spending away from the big guys to a CU, thinking that might be the one thing that does not make us cancel each other's moves among the big guys.  


With everything that's happening in the news (especially with CC companies) I decided I needed to start supporting good honest companies and stop supporting shady companies. 
The attraction of USAA and PenFed for me has been stability and customer service. I've been a member of USAA for years and use many of their products and I've never had any problems. All questions are answered promptly, no weird changes of terms, no RJs, no problems. I heard very good things about PenFed. No companies are perfect but these two are more trustworthy than most others. 
This is not to say that PenFed and USAA are my best friends. Business is business but I feel these companies are less likely to mess with me than the large banks. These are companies who don't take big risks and as a result they don't need to stick it to their customers because of the risky choices they've made. I will gladly use a credit product from a good stable well-run company with good customer service over one from a company that is knowingly doing risky things and then sticks me with the bill in the form of a 30% RJ - even if the credit product from USAA/PenFed is not as good as the one from the large banks from a rewards point-of-view.