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Re: Luv botton from Citi Appeared Today
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Doesn't seem like that would make a difference, for that small of an amount.


I'm trying to remember this, so don't take it as gospel by any means.


I don't think I even saw a luv botton on a Citi account of mine 'til I had the card for nine months.  The flip side of that is that it may have been there (in a drop-down from the tools menu), but I wasn't looking for it.   I only noticed a luv button when it showed up to the right of the account information (balance, CL, etc.), in the section where they usually put special offers (BT's and such).  And I didn't press that button for probably another two months after I first saw it, so I have no clue what may have happened if I did.


Doesn't help you much, I know, but that's the best I can do.


Sorry about the turn down, DI, but it may have nothing at all to do with you, personally, if my above info has any bearing on this.  It may be timing.




Edit to add:  After that luv button showed up in the special offers section, it never appeared in that section since...just that one and only time.  I'm thinking that maybe they don't offer luv auto approved until it shows up there, first?  I dunno.   But I have the luv button show up every 90 days, like clockwork, from the tools drop-down menu.  Never a problem.



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