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Re: Luv botton from Citi Appeared Today

Mine was there too!


Your credit line can be immediately increased by $1,000.00 for a total new credit line of $3,000.00.

During the evaluation process, a credit bureau report was not pulled.


It disappeared though now.. and I've got what looks like 4 statements posted. I was logged in a few days ago and didnt see it. *shrug*


Happy either way.




7/16/09 - EQ 684, TU 691

7/25/09 - EQ 682 (-2) 7th INQ did it.
8/21/09 - EQ 684 Bounced back from the Inq even though none expired. There was a new credit account opened on the same day. *shrug*
10/23/09 - EQ 691