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Re: Luv button from Citi Appeared Today

DI wrote:

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
The general rule with Citi is that if you press the "Luv Button" and get a form to complete or if you call in and ask for a CLI it's going to be a hard INQ. If you get an auto-CLI or press the "Luv Button" and do not get a form it will be a soft or no INQ.

Why would the luv button appear if I'm not yet eligible for a CLI?  Has this happen to others? Do I try again after my statement generates on the 10th


I been talking about and waiting on the luv button since July.  Now that it's useless!Smiley Mad

The presence of a "Luv Button" indicates that you will be considered for a CLI, not an indication that you will be approved for a CLI.