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Re: Luv button from Citi Appeared Today
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creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
They see every CLI request you make whether it is phoned in or online.

I know. I was referring to not calling them in general.  As a former part-time CSR for a utility company, when I looked at the notes and saw that a customer called several times within a week about the same thing, that customer do not get my best personality.  I am sure it's the same way with CSR's at banks.

I am a professional cruise agent. I make and read notes daily, both manual and system entered. They all matter.

Can you book me for the Oasis of the Seas?  Smiley Happy   In the utility business they have customers trying everything in the book(my meter read wrong was a biggie) to get out of paying a high electric bills.  Those customers are already upset when they call.  I remained professional, but I did not give in to their demands.  We had the same people calling every month. 

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