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Re: USAA rewards credit cards now available to all members
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TangMeister wrote:


I logged on to USAA today, and I am no longer offered the rewards World MC and Amex under credit cards. Back to just the standard non-rewards MC for non-military. Is this a snatch-back or a system quirk to be remedied?'re great but you really need to get your self together.


Edit to add:  I'm also offered the "Military Group" card, which seems to have the Air Force affiliation.  Supposedly, that affiliation is what prompted the opening of all cards to all members.  Hopefully, we'll know the story soon enough.  If you click apply, this card states:  "Your application for the Association of Graduates U.S. Air Force Academy World MasterCard® will only take minutes to complete."  

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My guess….and this is only a guess….. like all companies USAA is looking for a certain mix or portfolio of customers which prompts the pre approval process. Once their goals are met the pre approvals are off the table. I've never known a pre approval that didn't have a finite amount of time or a specific "good until" date associated with the offer. It's unreasonable to think their offers are going to be indefinite - especially in this market.  
As markets, USAA's customer portfolio, etc change so will their pre-approval offers.  

          Unless your situation has changed greatly I would think even with the pre-approval off the table you have a great chance of being accepted.

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