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whoohoo! approved by chase :)
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So while shopping on amazon last night they gave me the $30 cash back offer if I signed up for the Amazon Chase Visa... sounds good to me. Received an instant approval for $1000. Anyone know which bureau Chase pulls? My scores are mid 600's (but should be a lot better as soon as a few CCC report my $0 balances). I also think I was just put in a new bucket recently as well since I received this message...


  • You moved from one category of credit users to another as time passed. For example, you may have transitioned from the category "consumers with a new credit history" to the category "consumers with a two- to five-year credit history". As a result, your credit report is evaluated differently, causing a slight change in your score. The good news is that moving between categories like this usually offers you the potential to reach a higher FICO® score in the future.

now to do some christmas shopping!

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