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Re: Checking Credit Cards Accounts Several Times Daily

marinevietvet wrote:

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ADHD, and I have to see, and touch, and feel, and taste things over and over before I believe that I've really done what I meant to do.


Let's see. My keys are lined up large to small with all of them turned the same way. The bills in my wallet (when I have any Smiley Happy) are all facing left, sorted by denomination and all turned exactly the same way. The shirts in my closet are separated with short sleeve on the left and long sleeve on the right, all facing to the left. The laces on my shoes are all left over right.




We all have our crosses to bear. I understand completely.

You sound kinda OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder.) I only wish I had that level of drive and organization. I just live with panic just around the corner, and I've learned for self-preservation that some things have to be done.

That being said, all my clothes go on hangers with the hook facing the same way, and I take a half hour to eat a bag of peanut M&M's due to the necessity of keeping the colors balanced out. So maybe we're closer than I thought! Smiley Very Happy

btw, it's probably not a good sign that one of my favorite movies is "As Good As It Gets." I'd like to think that I'm the Carol Connelly character, but in my darker days, I suspect I'm closer to Melvin Udall. Smiley Tongue Minus the hair dye, of course.
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