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Re: Signing your card

Mizu wrote:
So I am just curious.  What do you say if you don't want to show your ID when they ask?  I can't come up with a way to say that nicely and still walk out with my purchase.  Anyone care to share how they handle that?


I usually tell them that I don't have ID on me and also that, as a matter of fact, their merchant agreement contract prohibits them from even asking for ID.  If they feel my card is being used fraudulently, their supposed to call the authorization center for a Code 10.


Most the time they'll then leave you alone and let you complete the purchase.  However, I still call the card Visa / MasterCard / AmEx and drop a dime on them.   The card association will contact the merchant's acquiring bank who, in turn, will contact the merchant and lay down the law.