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Re: US Bank CC approval process?

Imhotrodcrazy wrote:


I think you have a shot at it, since you already have acct's with them.  I am sure that helped me.  Good luck to you. 

Thanks for the good vibes.. I should have mentioned that I only have a checking savings balance of $50/$25 which has been stagnant for 3 months as I got up the courage to hit the apply button.   Only opened the accounts so that I would be a "member" when apping for credit.  Shhhhhh! Smiley Wink

Got Balanced chased AND ratejacked by Citi on two separate accounts in the last two months.  Went from 5.24% on an 11.3k Diamond preferred card to a closed Diamond preferred card with a $3,820 limit and $3,780 balance at 10.24%, and from $9.5k to $7240 on a 0% intro BT Citi Select card.  So my scores are in the toilet all of a sudden (45% util, tons of INQs from mortgage shopping and an app spree in June/July), so not expecting too much from any new apps.