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Re: Luv button from Citi Appeared Today

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Luv button is just a name used by FICO members.  'Request Line of Credit Increase' is what actually appears.   Learn something new everyday huh?

LOL, I was just checking. Mine doesn't say "Luv" button on it, but I call mine "Luv" button cause it's giving me "Luv" each time. Just was wondering what yours said (LOL) and where you were getting calling it "Luv" button from for yours, since obviously, it isn't giving you that much "Luv". Maybe yours is called the "Hard Luv" button? Hmm, but that would also imply a hard pull? Maybe "Tuff Love" button? -if you don't qualify, or you have enough already LOL


I learned a new word last night at work, well, a new phrase -Hush Hush Honey. It comes with good or bad connotations, mine luckily being the first. When I push the "Luv" button, sometimes it frustrates me too. On the other hand, I know the "Luv" IS there and continues to stay visible, so I just wait a couple days and push it again. Wouldn't it be nice if a credit card was as predictable and readable?


Ok so will you share with the rest of us?  What does it mean?

I seriously hope it has nothing to do with the "DL".


I don't know what "DL" is either but maybe I shouldn't have asked!  LOL