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Re: US Bank CC approval process?

Mizu wrote:

Imhotrodcrazy wrote:

Update:  Well its been less than 24 hours since I applied by phone for a cc.  I just logged onto my checking acct with US Bank and to my amazement I see that I now have a "premier line of personal credit" listed in the amount of $15,000.  I am stunned.  I can only assume that I have been approved for a cc but for what amount is still unknown.  I certainly didn't expect this, and in less than 24 hrs.  Christmas does come early sometimes.  Oh happy days. Smiley Very Happy


I forgot to add, int rate on the acct is only 7.25%


Hotrodcrazy, did you apply for the premier line at the same time you applied for the CC?  They are definitely two different animals.  The credit criteria is a bit lower to get the permier line, from what I have heard from the bank tellers.  However, I'd say it sounds like you got yourself a big fat approval!  At least I sure hope so.  If you'd still like to check your approval status through that automated number, here it is: 1-800-360-2900 


Oh I forgot to add, even though I went through the automated response, that phone number is still a 9-5 M-F type of line.  Kinda strange, but so is their website for pre-approval!