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Re: MY GOAL: Get The AmEx Centurion Card - MY PLAN: read in article
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I'm sure you are fully complying with all the Federal and State Tax codes in this endeavor, no?  And have all the requisite business licenses to run your business?  After those details are complete go ahead and get the Centurion Card, for whatever reasons you think you need it.  If it will make you feel better than do it.  But as you get some wisdom you'll find that having something like a Centurion Card won't mean much in how it affects your life.


It would seem to me the best business plan would be one that actually makes money and not one that is focusing on getting a product that will end up costing you money.  If would seem that you are making squat in your venture with the 5% markup being eaten up in shipping and carrying costs..  And now you want to drop $8k on fees for one year of the Card, even losing money buying bullion and selling at a loss just to make AMEX volume.  Does that make sense?  To me it doesn't, but your priorities seem to be in a different direction.


You say you aren't interested in making money.  WHY NOT?  That's what business is about.  It seems your whole reason for running this hobby business is odd and it eventually will fail on its own merits. 


It would seem you are overly into image, as you have posted this message over on the Auto Forum:  A 22yo doesn't need two new BMW's.  Slow down and stop with the outward appearance of your life and work on actually making some money for the future.

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