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Re: US Bank CC approval process?
Mizu wrote:

Hotrodcrazy, did you apply for the premier line at the same time you applied for the CC?  They are definitely two different animals.  The credit criteria is a bit lower to get the permier line, from what I have heard from the bank tellers.  However, I'd say it sounds like you got yourself a big fat approval!  At least I sure hope so.  If you'd still like to check your approval status through that automated number, here it is: 1-800-360-2900 


Oh I forgot to add, even though I went through the automated response, that phone number is still a 9-5 M-F type of line.  Kinda strange, but so is their website for pre-approval! 

Hi Mizu,  Yes I applied for the line of credit and the cc at the same time.  Since I burned an inquiry I thought why not go for it. 


Final update:  Logged onto my online banking and there it was, showing a cc in the amount of $12,000 added to my accts.  So, in less than 48 hrs and on one phone call US Bank gave me a total of $27,000 of new credit.  I still can't believe it since I have had so much trouble getting any credit due to the fact that I have paid in cash for the past 12 yrs or so.  Needless to say I am extremely happy and glad I made the attempt.  US Bank has been good to me.  I sure hope this will help my overall score.  I thank everyone for their help and advice. 

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