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Re: MY GOAL: Get The AmEx Centurion Card - MY PLAN: read in article

I think it's great to have goals and think big. Congrats on your aspirations - like my mother used to say, See it, believe it, achieve it....thinking big typically produces big results...however... 


My boss has the Centurion is by invitation only....but he makes millions a year. I have to tell you, if I had all the money in the world, I would definately think twice about this card. It is truly a waste of money. It's like this: Take your 5K for initial enrollment (I thought it was around $10K, but I am not 100% sure)..., then throw it out of the window. Watch your money float away in the wind. It is definately a "status card" for sure. I get status and everything...But understand you really get nothing in return for the fee for that card.  And no, they don't waive their fees - we pay. He spends around $1 million dollars a year on this card and he still pays a fee. He is very intelligent and we have tried to negotiate this, no luck. That is someone spending that much money....



They advertise you get this you get that as part of Centurion card, but I can tell you from experience, about the only benefit we get is using their Travel Service and all of the other advertised specials, etc like chartering a private plane, it's all a hoax/gimmick. I can charter a plane for much less than I could if I used AMEX Centurion card to do it. Oh, they can get you into a resturant that is booked for that night, if you like fine dining....they are good at getting a reservation for dinner...I forget that...

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