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Re: Creating a "Universal Card" that can link all of the cardholder's credit cards togethe

DI wrote:
Would it be a good idea for someone to develop a universal card( in agreement with all banks and CU's) that would link all one's CC's together?  Rather than carry multiple cards, the cardholder can carry their Universal Card and select which account at the time of purchase to charge.  The cardholder can go to a website and select which card(s) they want to add to their Universal Card.  This can  be voluntary rather than the banks making it mandatory. 
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And if that universal card gets lost, stolen, or otherwise used by a crook?  Recently my wife and I got a call from Chase Security telling us somebody had charged 500 bucks to our account at a liquor store in Florida which they suspected was fraud; we said they were right, it was fraud, so they of course cancelled that account number and sent us new cards.  During the week or so it took for the new cards to arrive we simply used other cards, but if we had one card for everything and that got compromised then we could have been seriously inconvenienced.

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