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Re: why can't I get a CC?

mnegron1969 wrote:
FICO scores TU =696 & EQ=689 EX I don't know. I have an old 2007 credit card closed & positive and my mortgage. TU shows 1 pd negative acct from 2005. Why don't I qualify for a card? i tried Lowes, Walmart got the 7-10 days message and I aaplied at Kays cuz my phone# didn't match what is on my CR I got turned down so I tried Jared's got letter message.


Have you tried a secured card? Sometimes, it's getting over the hump of getting the first one that's the most difficult part of building credit with revolving accounts. Secured cards are a great way to get your foot in the door, avoiding the excessive fee cards as well. And, despite what seems to be a well-established fear, "secured cards" (even if they report to your credit report that way) aren't counted with lesser weight.


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