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Re: Creating a "Universal Card" that can link all of the cardholder's credit cards togethe

txjohn wrote:

There is sort of such a thing:  Paypal


You can link any checking, savings, debit or credit card.  You can get a PayPal debit card that will draw upon one of your pay sources and have a backup.


You can select which pay source to use at the time of purchase if you do it online.


I know its not what you had in mind, but this is the closest I see it coming.




Exactly right.  My default payment for PayPay is my checking account which I use for stuff less than about $50.  Higher levels I have a Visa account linked as a backup account, and for even higher purchases I've got my AMEX card linked which I use for items greater than about $3,000.  I just paid my AMEX account $5,300 for a purchase I made last month.  It all works great and I have a choice at checkout time.  Love PayPal for the flexibility it provides.