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Re: 2010 Credit Card Goals
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Want2BDebtFreeNow wrote:

So before the year started I paid all my CC accounts to a nice (well not so nice) even $28,000.00. My goal is to reduce that number exactly by half by 12/31/2010. This means my goal will be to pay $14k in principle plus all finance charges that accrue. 


All payments for January have already been made and for February I plan on making the minimum payment to be able to take advantage the new law that takes effect in February with any extra payments other than minimum due goes to the highest interest rate. I have two cards that are affected by this.


I am not going to worry about what my fico score is for 2010 as I don't plan on applying for anything.


As of January 1st:


Card # 1   $9,250.00
Card # 2   $5,500.00
Card # 3   $4,000.00
Card # 4   $2,700.00
Card # 5   $2,400.00
Card # 6   $1,500.00
Card # 7   $1,250.00
Card # 8   $  500.00
Debt # 9   $2,400.00 (LOC)



I hope you reach your goals and do even better. I remember having balances like that. It's more like a nightmare than a memory. Smiley Happy


All the best to you in 2010.



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You can do the same thing with hard work.

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