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Re: 2010 Credit Card Goals

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A DMP program will reduce or even eliminate your interest rates and save you money and get you out of debt faster.
I have both Quicken and MS Money. The only problem is that they don't take into consideration when you have multiple aprs within one credit card. I am going to take care of those balances first (in feb) and then follow the plan based on APR.

Not that kind of program. A Debt Management Program. (And not a Debt Settlement Program!)


Most of my CC's already have the new payment application provisions in place. Make sure you understand the T&C's for your accounts and avoid making minimum payments while carrying a large debt load. Your issuers are paying attention to what you're doing!

I am going to pay my bills the old fashion way, I charge I pay. I knew the terms and conditions going in.  It might take me 4 to 5 months longer to pay, but I will have paid every cent that I owe.  In regards to my T&C... At this point I don't care what the credit cards do. If they want to close my accounts because I am paying the minimum then that is up to them. Eventually I will only need 1 or 2 credit cards anyway.  About a year ago, the month after I made a $5k to BofA to bring my balance to $0 they closed my account.  To me its a lose lose situation with CC companies. 

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