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Re: The Best Way to Use Reward CC?

I agree with hauling's approach. Here is what I do:


PenFed Cash Card: Gas (5%) and Groceries (2%)

Amex Zync w/ Style Pack: Department Stores (2%) and Everything Else Not Listed (daily card)

CitiForward: Restuarants, Movies, Books, Amazon, and Entertainment (5 points for every $1 in these categories)

USAA MC: USAA Monthly Insurance Bill (auto payment)

USAA Amex: Big Ticket Items (for extended protections)


I usually get back $350 - $600 a year in rewards. Might sound complicated, but it just works for me...a lot ofit habitual now.


I also have a chase card and BofA card that will probably die a natural death by each CCC soon.



Time to clean house and get rid of CCs from bad CCCs. Opt'd Out and Paying off the Balance: BofA. Closed: Chase Freedom. Keeping: Amex Blue, Amex Costco Cash back, Citi Forward, USAA MC, USAA Amex, and PenFed Platinum Cash Back. Next up for review: Chase Sapphire...