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Re: The Best Way to Use Reward CC?

Hauling, thanks for the advice.  I do have a World MC so protection is the same for both but good to know I don't have to necessarly use it every month or something bad will happen. Just to be clear, a $3000 purchase with USAA will get me $25 and a $3000 purchase with PenFed will get me $30 - but I agree that for $6-7ish a year, it's not worth potentially upsetting USAA.  As for the airline tickets, only the first option they have (15,000 points = $150 for ticket) is better than the cash option, otherwise the rewards are the same and I'd rather have the cash earning interest as it would take me almost 5 years to make up to the minimum for air!
I'm not new to USAA, I've been with them awhile - the checking account tie in I'm referring to is the "total rewards program" in which you have one big pot and all the accounts go into that pot (for one user) so my MC, AMEX, and two checking accounts all go into the "total rewards" pot but you are right that the 2 points for 1 dollar is equal to 1/2% back - not great but it adds up.


Lust, I agree that 2% back would be more ideal but I promised my husband I wouldn't get any more cards for at least 3 more years :-/  Perhaps I will reassess my cards then and get PenFed (5% gas) + Fidelity (2% back all else) + USAA MC (big items and best protection)...for now though I work with what I have.


Pj, I'm impressed at how well you balance so many cards!  I assume you don't carry the USAA cards around with you?  Good to know that they don't mind you using such a small amount with them.


Thanks everyone for the help!

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