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Re: Did I get denied for USAA Amex??????

Ron1 wrote:

I just applied for USAA Amex and I didn't get instantly approved. It will let me know next business day. I already have USAA World Mastercard for almost six months, It asked me the security question during application.  After answering security question, it came back "let you know next business day" message.  By the way, they pulled EXP and current utilization is 1% and TU FICO score was 768 as of July 1. I have good perfect history, no late, no past due, no charge-off.  AAOA is 6yrs. I know they usually give you instant decision. I didn't get one.  Did I just get denied?




Although I've always had instant approvals, I have some non-military friends who have had to give an oral statement of their income.  Also, depending on your CL with their other card, they sometimes will say they have extended the maximum amount of credit possible at this time.  I'd bet they just want income verification.