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billme Later
Does it report to the CA's... I haven't noticed it on my credit report yet?
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Re: billme Later
No they do not report. I used them last year through Bose Audio and nothing ever went on my CRA. However, I can bet if you are ever late or delinquent they'll show up.
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Re: billme Later
BML does not report to the CRAs, but BML pulls a hard inquiry the first time, and some people report a hard inquiry each time they use the service.
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Re: billme Later
Bill Me Later did show on my credit report alert as an inquiry (Equifax?)  I was VERY upset.  During this credit repair process, I was ordering a free 30 day product from one of the bureaus and didn't have my credit card handy so clicked Bill Me Later - sure enough, a credit inquiry and decline for $1!!!!!