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Re: The Zync glitter is real!

wolle- If you must break it down, then yes- we all have a different subset of goals. Based on that subset, the cards we choose vary. There is nothing wrong with choosing a ZYNC card over a Blue if your goal is to start buidling a relationship with AMEX. Remember, not everyone will qualify for the Blue.


My goal was simple. One of the negative factors on my FICO reports is "short credit history". Opening up a card that has a 15 year history will help. In the end, my  goal is a good mortgage rate. I'd like to do everything possible to obtain that goal.


So whether or not someone feels paying an AF isn't the wisest move, that opinion is in direct conflict with what this card can do for me. Again, different goals.


I agree that we should share opposing views. But that opposing view should be helpful, and should explain how it could directly hurt what the OP is trying to accomplish. I haven't seen that in this thread.

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