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Re: NFCU unsecured my card

ChemGuy wrote:

Actually I have to respectfully disagree with you all.  Had I not been raised by my grandmother from birth then I would not have gone the direction that I did.   And I grew up in the household with my aunt.  However, I found myself 100% qualified based on any reasonable perspective, without being qualified based on how the requirement is worded.  Legally speaking, had my grandmother adopted me then my aunt would actually be my legal sibling.  But my grandmother did not, so where does that leave me within reason? 


To be sure, an ethical dilemma belies the post --so I will definitely own up to that.  The intention of the post was to report what I observed, not to instruct or inspire deceit. 

It leaves you reasonably & understandably ineligible.


You didn't get in by any reasonable criteria, which is soley defined by NFCU. By your own admission, you could only gain membership by deceit. That certainly doesn't seem reasonable to me.


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