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Re: NFCU unsecured my card


ChemGuy wrote:

I don't think that you actually have to be related to anyone in the military at all !   What you DO need is a person who is willing to give you their access number--basically, the NFCU membership number, and you need to state that they are related to you by one of the NFCU criteria, i.e, sibling etc.  Case in point:  I asked my aunt to help me qualify, and she in turn provided me her access number which I shared with the NFCU--I applied in person.  When the representative asked how I was related to the member I said sibling--which was half-way true, since I was raised by my grandmother.   And I was approved at the time of application.


I think at most they may send a query to the member to determine relationship--thus I told my aunt beforehand what my "relationship" would be--but I don't think they bother.  The fact that someone gave you semi-personal info is probably considered close enough.  YMMV--but I don't think so Smiley Wink


Kudos to you for being so deceitful, 

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