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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?
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When applying with Cap One for prime cards, it's important to be at one's best in order to get a good initial credit line. Cap One doesn't seem to grow with you as much as others. In fact, obtaining CLI has been described by many on here as difficult (read: impossible).


My EQ score was in the mid 760s with no inquiries when I applied for and obtained a No Hassle Cash Rew. They gave me a very generous CL of $7500. I can live with that even if it will never go up. It's good. It's substantial. It's all I need for what I charge on this card (a few hundred bucks each month).


I'd recommend that you let all of your inquiries age to at least 12 months and then apply. Make sure, your utilization is good, too. If you apply now, you might be approved with a smaller CL than when you apply with the parameters I mentioned in good shape.