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Re: VentureOne app itch advise anyone?

Cap one pulled all 3 bureaus for me, but sent me a letter stating my Experian FICO score and informed me that if approved I would receive the card in 3-7 business days (even though I was approved instantly online).  


Scores were 745 EX, 750ish EQ, and 745 TU (I think overall util was around 20-25%)


I had at least 2 inquiries on EQ and 2 on TU at time of application, but none on EX.


Given nice 15,000 CL, but horrible APR of 19.9


I have the AF card and I'm digging the miles.  Rewards update within 2-3 business days and 10,000 mile bonus was given within 2 business days of spending 1,000.


***If you're somewhere near my situation, and you need/want the card, I say go for it.*** The power is yours.

2/15/2011 TU: 773 ~ EQ: 780
8/15/2011 TU: 766 ~ EQ: 783 ~ EX: 753 (psecu)