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Re: God I hate Chase...

I don't bother to read your posts, Vish.


So, if you personally had a choice of being paid in full... by a nationally known name, assured by attorneys with signed legal documents that you would be paid in full...




you could choose to chase some peon with no money to try and obtain funding for the vehicle.


You'd choose the latter?


I hope you don't work in finance or therein, lies the problem with rationale.


Even a bank I talked to in hopes of securing a short term loan,scratched their head at chase.... as did my bf who is a gazillionaire (met him after the fact)...


As for the comment, I'd have had to make the choice anyway:


no.  Had the original deal gone through as expected, I'd have had the truck off my loan, money to purchse a Geo Metro, and funds left over to pay for the house.


As is, I lost everything.


Sometimes, ya'll thinking just makes me scratch my head.

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