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Re: American Express Payment Date "Please Pay By"

KayMD wrote:

I have a  American Express ZYNC card.

To date, I have always paid the balance due in full
on (or before) the date on the payment stub
labeled "PLEASE PAY BY:"

I spoke with a CSR today at AMEX who informed me that
the "Please pay by" date is not the real "due date"
..that I really had until the day before my next billing
cycle ended to pay in full and avoid any charges.

In my case the dates are something like this:

The "please pay by" date is 05/26/11

The day before my next billing cycle ends is 06/26/11.

Is this correct?


Can someone tell me the real scoop on AMEX payment dates?

I never heard that before. I always paid before or no later than the "Pay by Date" -  I would be careful if I were you - the csr may be wrong. Usually the date on the statement is the due date. My amex is a charge card so I'm not sure if the same goes for the Zync card. You may want to ask to speak to account manager.