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Re: Close old credit card and/or increase limit on new one?
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Thanks to these forums, we (that means I Smiley Wink ) have learned that as far as FICO is concerned, accounts must be installments to be categorized as a Consumer Finance account.


For FICO scoring purposes.  i.e. if you are hit with FICO code # 6 (Too many consumer finance accounts) it is referring - always - to an installment account. 


Just to clarify - Consumer Finance Accounts are always baddies (though some say they do not have a huge FICO impact).  Having even one CFA is too many as far as FICO is concerned.  When they're closed, and when they age, their impact is minimized but they still have an impact as long as they are on your CR's.  DH has one (two, actually) and they still show up as a FICO derogatory code when his FICO score is pulled.  They will age off next year, IIRC.


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