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Re: Close old credit card and/or increase limit on new one?
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I see beam, gotcha, thanks for the helpful clarification and rejoinder on the topic in any case.  


would imagine many have sought more clarity on this somewhat intermediate/advanced topic, and appreciate that you highlighted important info. about CFLs and to avoid these types of accounts, since when one reports it is always (somewhat) a neg. entry.  


Perhaps since they generally tend to cater to more risky borrowers they get a ding by FICO unlike more solid TLs (don't think that is common knowledge with all the new members and even some vets.)  I support your well conceived decision to bag Care Credit for a non predatory CU product, even though it has worked out for me so far. Good going with your forward thinking, I may eventually cancel for the same reason.


OP please forgive me for going astray back to the regularly scheduled OP :smileyhappy: 

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