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Re: Why do I seem to love Discover?

Hi RockinRay,


I'm an unabashed Discover lover :smileyhappy:  IME, the real savings aren't found in their quarterly rotating categories, they are found in their online shopping discounts, partner gift cards, and customer-initiated inquiries for promotional offers.


Here's a quick summary of what I've been able to get in the past ferw months alone:


1. $20 customer-initiated cash back ($1 per transaction for 20 transactions): I called Discover at the end of June to ask if I were eligible for any promotions - and they gave me this.


2. 1.9% promotional APR for 6 months: I called them to ask for a temporary reduction in APR, for upcoming furniture purchases.


3. Lots and lots of online shopping: $25 cash back for a new plasma television, $17 off of a beauty purchase, etc.


4. Trading in cash back for partner gift cards: I'll be getting $200 worth of dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports just from trading in cash back for partner gift cards, and combining them with in-store coupons (trade in $40 rewards for a $50 gift card, or trade in $80 rewards for a $100 gift card). 


5. $3K CLI


IME, they WANT to be your #1 card, and like to see lots of usage.  I pay multiple times per month, and they commented favorably on seeing this. 


I am a huge cash back fan, and they are by far my absolute favorite.  Their Customer Service is fantastic, and they definitely have gone above and beyond to make me happy.


Best of luck!