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Re: Why do I seem to love Discover?
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BoSox617 wrote:


IME, they WANT to be your #1 card, and like to see lots of usage.  I pay multiple times per month, and they commented favorably on seeing this. 


I don't see how it matters what THEY want to see. Of course, they want to see usage. However, it matters more to me what I WANT TO DO.


If more customers would realize that THEY are in charge and not DISCOVER or any other credit card company.


There is only one thing that I do FOR Discover or any other of my cards:I pay my bill in full each month. That's the only thing I will do for them.


We've seen some people on here who used their cards a lot and got an auto CLI and we've seen others who didn't and still got a CLI. Conversely, we've also seen people who charged a ton and didn't get a CLI and people who never use their Discover much and didn't get a CLI.


Maybe they'll give me a CLI on my one-year anniversary. Maybe not. I take them for their 5% and online shopping and leave the general cashback to my other cards. I care zilch about what they want me to do (which would be ideally use the card for each and every transaction).


Having said this, I do like Discover. They are a good company but there are other good companies.