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Re: Orchard Bank/HSBC

Maverick79 wrote:

I've never had any issues with Orchard, Have two cards with from 2005 and one from 2007, both with $1000 limit and they both started at $300 but one is a 2% cash back. I think they are very good re-builder cards, I got regular CLI every six months or so until this year. They were only $200 at a time but it helped rebuild my credit and since I've been able to get Cap1 VentureOne and just the other day Discover with $4000 and $2000 CL. Their customer service is OK if you get get someone here in the states which depends on what time you call.

I agree -- The Orchard credit cards a good at rebuilding credit, however they will not grow with you as your score get better. The only reason I am hanging on to my old Orchard cards (both opened in 2007) is because neither one has an AF.

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