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Can I complain about Wells Fargo for a minute?

I am so irritated with Wells Fargo. DH has had a visa card with WF for 3.5 years now with a $1,500 limit. DH has NO debt, except that we just got a mortgage (that hasn't hit the credit report yet), and his scores are ALL above 800 (pulled by morgage company) with no negatives. DH has one other Visa card, and is an AU on my AMEX (which has a 0 balance). DH called for a credit limit increase (the first time he has ever made this request), because he uses his card a lot for business, and WF told him they would only increase the limit to $2,300. $800 increase?! No debt other than a mortage, an 800+ credit rating and only an $800 CL increase? Is this the way of the credit world?