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Re: Can I complain about Wells Fargo for a minute?

Yep-that's Wells Fargo for ya-just do what I did-sock drawer the WF Visa(OK- I have a $5.99 monthly subscription auto charged)-take your 800 credit score and 0 debt and get a REAL CC w/ a REAL limit that you deserve-AMEX,CHASE,CITIBANK  all over 10k NFCU,PEN FED over 20k.

Amex Platinum Charge(NPSL); Starwood Amex Preferred CC(20K CL); Diners Club ELITE MC(20K);Diners Club Premier MC(20K,could've sworn the rep said 25k, oh well lol);Delta Amex Reserve CC(21K CL); Amex PRG Charge(NPSL); United Presidential Plus Chase World Elite MC (15K CL); AARP Chase Visa Signature(35K CL); NFCU Visa Platinum(20K CL) NFCU LOC(15K); NFCU Go Rewards MC(17.5K); Disover IT 7.8K;
First Tech Federal Visa Platinum(15K CL); Simmons First Visa Platinum(9K CL); Wells Fargo Visa Platinum(7.5K CL); CitiBank Sears MC(6K CL); JCPenney Card(7.5K CL); Lowes(2.5K CL);Barclays Mile & More Lufthansa 12.5K.