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Re: Can I complain about Wells Fargo for a minute?

i opened my wells fargo in august of 2006. it is my oldest open major credit card. i started out at 3000. i have received two cli's from that i have requested from them. the first one was septmember 2010. they gave me a 900 dollar increase. i asked the csr that granted me the increase if this was average or above average. she told me my credit increase approval was actually above average. then i requested an increase again in april 2011, and they once again granted my increase by 1200 which was way above average to 5100 where it is now obviously. i enjoy having this account as they have allowed me to use it through bill pay as if it were a bank line of credit rather than a credit card. i can cut someone a check up to my full credit line and i am only charged purchase interest the moment the check is mailed.


they have also recommended (pre approved) me for an actual line of credit. but i am hesitant because i want my credit file to improve first allowing accounts to mature a little and most of all allow for inquiries to drop first. second of all, their offer i believe may include a 25 dollar annual fee. the interest rate i believe may be between 8.5 to 10.5 percent apr.

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