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Re: Amex Platinum Delta CI increase declined advice???
Update: I called and spoke to someone who did not understand what I was trying to ask, so I asked to speak to someone else. He told me it was not possible unless I hung up and called back. I got a little upset but stayed calm, well when I asked again, he acted like he could not hear me and then said "sir, I am unable to hear you please call back", then he hung up. So I called back and the person finally gave me a fax number to send my credit report to and we will see what happens. I asked if I could send Transunion vs. Experian because TU has dropped my last two negatives (judgement against someone else and a medical collection that was not mine). EX seems to take forever on disputes so does EQ for that matter. But he sAid they used the EX and that was what I have to send in, therefore I will wait until my dispute is over.

Creditaddict, due to the agreement Amex has with Delta for the card, they can not drop my limit any lower. They dropped my limit from 2k in early 2008 after my score dropped due to ex foreclosing on the house that still had my name on the loan. I opened this account January 2007.

Also, I had a corporate AMEX that my old company did not pay the last expense report I submitted to clear the $140 balance. I moved the day after I turned in my resignation and expense report and forwarded my mail. I never and I mean never received another statement or call about this account until I pulled my credit back in October and saw it on there. I paid AMEX that day and got a request in to have it deleted from record for the collection. Maybe this has something to do with it as well.