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After Barclay when is it safe to apply?

Ive read that Barclay is sensitive about new TL after new account. I didnt know this when I applied and received 3 new cards at once... Barclay, Discover, AMEX. Ive decided not to app for another amex for at least a year, which leaves only walmart on my list. Im not worried about being approved, just pissing off Barclay and AMEX. I would like to have all my inquires lumped together as much as possible. How long should I wait? Should i just do it? I currently have 4 inq on ex, 3 on TU, and 1 on EQ. However my AMEX wont start reporting for awhile still. So, Barclay has really only seen the INQ's if they have softed at all.. Advice?

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