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Re: After Barclay when is it safe to apply?

Jake0215 wrote:

Ive read that Barclay is sensitive about new TL after new account. I didnt know this when I applied and received 3 new cards at once... Barclay, Discover, AMEX. Ive decided not to app for another amex for at least a year, which leaves only walmart on my list. Im not worried about being approved, just pissing off Barclay and AMEX. I would like to have all my inquires lumped together as much as possible. How long should I wait? Should i just do it? I currently have 4 inq on ex, 3 on TU, and 1 on EQ. However my AMEX wont start reporting for awhile still. So, Barclay has really only seen the INQ's if they have softed at all.. Advice?

6 months is the general concensus provided Barclays was your last application.  They are very skiddish with new tradelines reporting after they've approved you, and could CLD or close it.  Their portfolio department watches the account for that period of time as a precautionary measure for the bank.  You should be fine at this point, just don't go on any app sprees during this "probationary" period with them. I would personally wait to apply for WalMart.  Others will chime in with their viewpoint, but that's just what i'd do, and as always, YMMV

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