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Refinancing in May, CC Help needed
Hello all, I hope someone knowledgable can help me out here. I will be refinancing in May 08. I have done ALOT to help my current score. I currently have an interest only loan that has heled me pay off some debt. My remaining cards are a Sears card at 3500.00 at 29%, maxed out, a Best Buy card at 27% at 1600.00, and a Visa at 12% at 3000.00, maxed out.
I have 1500.00 to spend on debt now. I want to do the best thing to help my score before May.
Should I payoff the card for 1600.00 and close it out, or should I split the 1500.00 and pay 750.00 to the Sears and Visa card , distancing the amount owed from the max?
What will help my score more? Thanx alot.
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