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Re: Refinancing in May, CC Help needed

DebtSucks wrote:
Before you do anything, go to   Pay your cards off and don't open any accounts. What have we come to in this country thinking you have to take money out on credit.  Who cares what your score is when the only thing you owe on is your mortgage and EVERYTHING else is paid for. Now thats a nice feeling. Start saving for what you buy, set up an emergency fund. You know, interest works both ways. Why not have the bank pay you interest instead of you paying interest. Its sad, but this website sets people up for failure by continuing to wade through a sea of debt. Change your behavior and get free from debt. Go to the and sign up for "Financial Peace University".  God bless.

The OP "cares what his score is" because he wants to refi.  Nobodys instructing the OP to pay  more interest or go further into debt.  One of the options for getting his scores up is to use CC's as a tool to do that.  He obviously knows he can pay off his cards in full (duhh), but at the moment it doesn't sound like that's a possibility. 
If you think this website sets people up for failure then you have your head up your @$$.  (Ladies, pardon my implied french)