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Re: Visa Signature vs Amex Platinum Concierge *Warning* Semi Long Story
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Amex plat has a nice bunching of travel benefits and if you use all of them the AF pretty much pays for itself. The concierge though is outsourced and overloaded. A family friend is one. I think she works for circles? The amex travel department has been helpful to me at times, though I can generally find better options just browsing the web.
To give an example of the world elite concierge, I asked for info of things to do in New Orleans, since I'm heading there tomorrow. They sent several pages of restaurants, shows, tourist attractions, activities etc, with websites and contact info for each. Each email contained a three digit reference code which I could use when I called back to expidite arrangements for anything I might find interesting. They had all of that info to me in a matter of a few hours. No wait times, they always pick up quickly. They can bill anything to the card and I don't need to transfer in order to do so.

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