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Re: Sam's Club doesn't accept Visa credit cards

ptr2593 wrote:

lithium78 wrote:

I guess Walmart must have solved their dispute with Visa at some point.  For a long time, they wouldn't accept Visa, because Visa wouldn't give them a special interchange fee like Discover and MasterCard.

I've been using a Visa credit card at Walmart off and on for about 5 years now.


MarineVietVet wrote:

I must say the opinions have run the entire gamut haven't they?


As I said the check out clerk could very well have been wrong. Perhaps her training wasn't as complete as it could have been. Or she was sleeping the day they went over accepted forms of payment.




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I learned this the hard way.  I went there one day to sign up for membership and tried to pay the fee with Chase Freedom visa (the only card I had with me that day) only to find that they don't accept visa credit.  Talk about a waste of time standing in line and going through the whole process only to be denied.



nada9188 wrote:

Easiest way around the Sam's club CC policy:


Go to walmart and buy a gift card for any amount and pay with your Visa or Amex. Walmart giftcards can be redeemed at Sam's Club.


Does this still work?  And is Walmart a "department store"?  I've been going to Costco but I'd like to get a Sam's Club membership if I can somehow run the purchases through BCE for an extra bonus.

Yes it works I see it done all the time. However, Wal-mart is considered a discount store therefore you will only earn 1% on your BCE. As to my knowledge you get 1% at costco with Amex so it would be a wash and a pain.