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Re: CARD Act & Upgrading Existing Accts?

mxp114 wrote:

lol Marine


Can we get the Chase CEO or Chief Legal rep on here? I guess they want to simplify and streamline the process, so instead of creating exceptions, it is easier to have one rule regarding 12 months without any changes. It's truly unfortunate but I guess I will have to wait.

Those people have way too much power, money and "more important things to do" than to be bothered talking with the likes of us LOL 


   And they're not afraid of the CARD act, they'll do what they WANT to do, and what they want to do is use it to their advantage. So, it's often used as an excuse for things it doesn't specify. Usually, CSR's will often just say "because of the new laws" LOL   Smiley LOL