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Re: How long for AMEX to report to CR

bichonmom wrote:

I'm also thinking about getting the GE Amazon card. (I really do have app fever! :smileytongue:) So, I'm wondering, since Amex softs a lot, would they get nervous if they see another new CC opened at the same time? 

If you're thinking about getting the Amazon Visa for shopping at Amazon,com, you might be better off with the Citi Forward card. It gives you 5 points/dollar at restaurants, bookstores, movies & music, and it considers a bookstore.

The catch is with Citi's thank you points - 1 point isn't always 1% unless you redeem 10,000 at a time. Still even if you redeem at a lesser amount as long as it's >.6% you're doing better than the Amazon Visa.


Just something to consider.

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